Edit a VOD

This article details the editable settings once a VOD is created as well as instructions on how to edit these fields in the BlendVision One VOD module.


Before We Start

Before editing a VOD, You can refer to the related article as below:

  • Add a VOD for the definition of setting and the editable setting when adding new VOD


Start editing a VOD

Once the file(s) are uploaded for encoding, you can confirm the status and detail in VOD list. 

To start editing the individual VODs, please click the VOD on the VOD list to access the VOD setting page.

The following chapters will introduce the editable settings for each section:



In General tab, you can confirm and edit the information of the encoded VOD.

Noted: ProfileSet / Processing Speed section will be uneditable once VOD is created.

VOD Name

The filename is used by default, but you can edit the VOD Name.

  • Max: 100 characters 


  • Preview Player: preview the encoded content before publishing 
    • VOD ID: a unique content ID 
  • Subtitle: confirm / add / delete the subtitle list.
    • Click “Add Subtitle” button to upload new subtitle(s) to provide more accessibility
      • supported format: .srt, .vtt  
    • Click delete icon to delete previously attached subtitle(s) 


  • Short description: a brief intro of the content
    • Max: 100 characters
  • Long description: detailed intro or highlights of the content.
    • Max: 2,000 characters
    • Long description will be provided in the information panel of the VOD player. 
  • Label: labeling the content for management or filtering
    • Max: 20 labels per content 



The VOD content will be available for playback once the encoding has been completed. You can opt to set a specific period for playback duration. 

  • Always available: content will be ready to stream once encoded and remain available 
  • Schedule: content will be streamable during the scheduled start time and end time 
    • Before scheduled start time: you can switch to Always available or reset 
    • Before the scheduled end time: you can reset to a new end time 




Once the VOD has been created, the settings in Security tab will be an uneditable snapshot of the setting.

For the definition of each setting and limitations, please refer to Set up Security Features



Each VOD encoding will go through several stages before finishing. You can track progress and the video inspection results in Status tab.  

Refer to Confirm Encoding Status of VOD for more details.



In Image tab, you can confirm and edit the cover image that is shown during the unpublishing period for each encoded VOD.

Refer to Set up Cover Images for more details.



The showroom provides a standalone event hosting service that allows you to efficiently deliver your content or livestream to your audience. This approach is integration-free and lightweight, making it an easy and hassle-free option. 

For the VOD content that Security -> Visibility set as “token”, the audiences must obtain the access code first for accessing your showroom, which allows you to prevent illegal content dissemination behaviors.

In “Showroom” tab, You can confirm and edit the configurations to customize your showroom design

  • Access code: create / download the access codes for your audiences
  • Login Page: customize the Login page for audiences before they access Main page
  • Main Page: customize the Main page for audiences to watch VOD, and other detailed descriptions.

For the detailed step to edit the showroom feature and generate access codes, please confirm Set up Showroom Features to get more details.

Noted: BlendVision also provide other methods to publish your live event: iframe Player or Player SDK (on Android / iOS / Web).
If you would like to know more about supported publish methods, please refer to Share and Publish a VOD for more details.



In BlendVision One, we provide a customizable player to deliver your content.
You can quickly customize your player template via BlendVision One Console then reflect to your showroom and embed iframe player. 

In “Player” tab, You can set up the configurations to customize your player for below:

  • Preview the Player UI for your event
  • Select Standard or Customized Player Template for your event.
  • Set up Chapters to enable swift navigation for quick access to distinct sections within the video.

You can refer to the related articles for the detailed step of configurations:

  • Set up Player Features for the steps to select the player template used for Showroom and embed iFrame player.
  • Set up Chapter for the steps to enable and manage the chapters of encoded VOD.


  • For more details of creating and customizing your owned player template, please refer to Customize Player Template
  • For Live events published by Player SDK (Android / iOS / Web) method, please confirm our Developer Guide for the Player UI customization.


Save and submit the edited result

After editing the above settings, please click the “Save” button in the upper-right side of the settings page, to save and submit your edited setting.