iFrame プレーヤー

iFrame プレーヤーの再生トラッキング

This guide will walk you through the steps to track the playback of a BlendVision One iframe player.

Before We Start

Before proceeding, ensure that you have prepared your BlendVision One streaming iframe. The following guides will assist you in preparing your iframe:

Step 1: Add Event Listener

Attach the following script to your HTML:



  window.addEventListener('message', messageEvent => {

    const parseData = JSON.parse(messageEvent.data)

    if (parseData.event !== 'infoDelivery') {







Step 2: Retrieve Playback Logs

Listen for the ‘infoDelivery’ event, which is sent every 0.5 seconds, to retrieve the following playback logs:

Playback Progress

The following example shows the playback progress of a user who has watched up to the position of 171 seconds of a VOD at a playback speed of 1.25x:



  event: 'infoDelivery', 

  info: {

    currentTime: 171,

    currentTimeLastUpdated:, // Unix time when the event sent

    playbackRate: 1.25,




Playback Event

This allows you to retrieve the playback event logs of your users. Refer to the Playback Event documentation for available events.



    event: 'infoDelivery', 

    info: {

          currentTimeLastUpdated:,// Unix time when the event sent

          playlogData: {

              playback_module_version: "",

              system_time:,// Unix time when the event sent


          playlogEventName: "",



What’s More

To control the playback, refer to the documentation provided here.