Asset Management

Upload your assets

The Video library to save and manage your video assets is essential for creating a VOD encoding or a Livestream. It provides a convenient way to access these assets for encoding or deletion when they are no longer needed, thus helping to optimize storage space usage.

Certain requirements need to be followed when uploading files to the Video library. 

File Type Accepted Formats Maximum Size
Video .mp4, .mpg, .mov, .mkv, AVI, .m2ts, .ts 70 GB
Subtitle .srt, .vtt 3 MB
Image .png, .jpg, .jpeg 5 MB


1. Upload your asset

We offer three options to provide your asset sources:

  • Upload the asset file from the local storage
  • Copy the asset file from your cloud storage

If you'd like to upload the asset file, you can use the following API with the file type, file source, and file size to request an upload.

POST /bv/cms/v1/library/files:upload


Here is the example of the request body:



After a successful response, you will receive the upload ID of your file, how many parts you should split the file, and the one-time presigned URLs for uploading.


Now you can upload the split files to the AWS S3 bucket for BlendVision One using the presigned URLs. Note that the part size should be 5 MiB to 5 GiB, and the last part of your multipart upload has no minimum size limit.


2. Notify the uploads completed

After completing all the uploading, you can use the following API to notify that the asset file is ready to access.

POST /bv/cms/v1/library/files/{id}:complete-upload