Customize ProfileSet for encoding

1. Create a profile

If you need a new encoding configuration, you can use the following API to create a new profile with the desired attributes.

Here is an example of how to create a custom video profile with H.264 codec, 1280x720 resolution, 30 fps frame rate, and 2000 Kbps target video bitrate:

POST /bv/configuration/v1/profiles


Note that you can customize the profile's name and set the video and audio bitrates according to your needs.


2. Create a profile set

Once you have created your custom video and audio profiles, you can create a custom profile set. A profile set is a collection of profiles that can be applied to VOD encodings. To create a custom profile set, You can use the following API:

POST /bv/configuration/v1/profile-sets


You can specify allowed values for each parameter in the profile_set object:

  • profile_ids: Specify the profiles this profile set should contain. Up to 10 profiles.
  • protocols: PROTOCOL_HLS and PROTOCOL_DASH.
  • smart_abr: Enable or disable the smart ABR feature.
  • multiple_audio_track: Up to 10 customized audio tracks if the lang_from field is LANG_FROM_CUSTOMIZE.
  • video_codec: VIDEO_CODEC_H264 or VIDEO_CODEC_H265.

Here is an example of how to create a custom profile set with a 720p profile, two audio tracks, and MPEG-HLS protocol: