Set up Cover Images

BlendVision One allows you to set up a cover image for each status of your live event.

In this article, We’ll introduce the detailed steps for editing the cover image for live event:


Access setting page of live event

Cover images can only be edited during the following periods: 

  • When creating a live event
  • During “Preparing” ~ “Preview” status after live event is created

1. You can refer to Add a Live Event to create a new event, or Edit a Live Event for the steps to access the setting page of live events via Livestream List.


2. To set up cover image, access the Image tab. 


Manage the cover image for each status

BlendVision One Live module allows you to set up different images for each status as below:

  • Ready to Start: when the live event has built up resources, and wait for the 12 hours before the scheduled date and time. (at “Wait for Preview” status) 
  • Preview: when the event is previewing (at “Preview” status)
    • This cover will be only able to display in the audience's player. The preview player in control room at “Preview” status will show the preview video for signal testing or rehearsal. 
  • Livestream ended/Before VOD: 
    • For live-only event: when the live ends (at “Ended” status)
    • For events enabling Live-to-Vod function: when the live ends and waiting for VOD start ( “Encoding”~”VOD Ready” status)
  • Closed: when the whole live event and Live-to-VOD ends. (in “Closed” status)

Noted: you can also refer to Live Module Introduction for the detailed flowchart of status transition. 


3. To edit the image, please click the preview thumbnail of each status to show the pop-up menu for editing.

4. Select the one from below 2 options, then press “Save” button to start uploading:

  • Black Screen: default option. will set the black background as cover image
  • Customize Screen Image: Upload an image file from local as cover image
    • file format: png, jpg, jpeg
    • file size: < 5 MB
    • best raito: 16:9

5. Once uploading is completed, you can confirm the preview thumbnail in Image tab.

  • If you want to know more editable settings when editing live events, refer to Edit a Live Event.

6. Press the “Create Livestream” button or “Save” button displayed on the upper-right side to submit and save the new settings.