How can I confirm my account role and permissions?

BlendVision One provides an Organization module designed to streamline the management of multiple users and their permissions within your organization.

This article will detail:

Note: For the key features that the Organization module provides, please refer to Organization Introduction (for Staff / Developer) or Organization Introduction for Admin.


Default permissions of each role

In BlendVision One, your account in the business organization will belong to one of the following role types:

Account Type (Role) Permission
  • The Owner / Manager of an organization. 
  • Access to the following permissions:
    • Manage all user accounts/roles/groups via the user list
    • Change subscription plans/billing information
    • All Staff/Developer permissions
  • Access and Manage the following modules: Dashboard, VOD, Live, Library, Player, Analytics, General Setting
  • Access to the following Organization permissions:
    • Confirm user accounts/roles/groups via the user list (view only)
    • Edit personal account information  
  • All staff permissions
  • Access to BlendVision One APIs


How to confirm your role in a business organization 

There are two ways to confirm your role through the BlendVision One web console:

Via the User menu

  1. Login to the BlendVision One Web console
  2. Click your user icon displayed on upper-right side
  3. From the drop-down menu, and you can see your role displayed under your username:


Via the User List in the Organization module

You can also confirm the role of all users (including you own) via accessing the User List of the Organization module:

  1. Login to the BlendVision One web console
  2. Click the “Organization” on the sidebar to open the drop-down menu on the BlendVision One web console.
  3. Click the “User” item from the drop-down menu to access the User List
  4. In the User List, you can view all user accounts and confirm their roles from the “Type” column.

Note: Only Admins can change the roles of users in the organization. Please refer to Organization Introduction for Admin for more details.