Metrics & Segmentation

By default, BlendVision One's analytics dashboard provides comprehensive metrics and segmentation dimensions, derived from your audience's interactions with BlendVision One player iframe and SDKs, empowering you with valuable insights into your content's performance and engagement.



Metrics Definition
Views The total number of times your content has been accessed and viewed by your audience.
Watch Time The amount of time that viewers watched video content, excluding paused time.
Unique Viewers The estimated number of individuals who have watched your content, as determined by the count of unique device IDs.
Avg. View Duration The estimated average hours watched per view (total watch time / total number of views).
Avg. Viewer Views The estimated average views per viewer (total views / unique viewers within selected time range).


Dimension Definition
Streaming Type The type of video:
  • VOD
  • Live
  • Live-to-VOD
Device The type of device and operating system used by your audience to access your content:
  • Desktop
  • Mobile (iOS)
  • Mobile (Android)
  • Tablet (iOS)
  • Tablet (Android)
Geo-Region The region where the audience plays the video.