Bring Your Own (BYO) CDN

Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) are important in delivering media content to end users with high availability and performance. BlendVision One allows you to bring your CDN and choose the one that best fits your needs. You can manage your own CDN with BlendVision, which gives you greater control over your content delivery and potentially improves the performance and reliability of your media streaming.

Create a BYO CDN

To create a BYO CDN, you can send a POST request to the following API:

POST /bv/configuration/v1/byo-cdns

The request body should contain the following parameters:

Parameter Type Required Description
name string Yes The name of the BYO CDN setting
type string Yes The CDN provider. Allowed value: CDN_PROVIDER_AWS_CLOUDFRONT
aws_cdn_setting object No The CDN setting for AWS. It is needed when the type is CDN_PROVIDER_AWS_CLOUDFRONT.

Parameters for aws_cdn_setting:

Parameter Type Required Description
account_id string Yes The AWS account identifier. It is a 12-digit number, such as 012345678901.
distribution_host string Yes The AWS distribution host

A successful response will contain the id in the byo_cdn_setting object, which is the ID for the created BYO CDN.

Manage BYO CDNs

You can manage your BYO CDN using the following endpoints:

  • Delete a BYO CDN: DELETE /bv/configuration/v1/byo-cdns/{id}
  • Update a BYO CDN: PUT /bv/configuration/v1/byo-cdns/{id}
  • Get a BYO CDN: GET /bv/configuration/v1/byo-cdns/{id}
  • List BYO CDN: GET /bv/configuration/v1/byo-cdns

Replace {id} with your BYO CDN ID.