Domain Control

To enhance the security and restrict access to your content, BlendVision One offers the domain control feature. By enabling domain control, you can ensure your content is delivered only to specific domains you have authorized.

To enable domain control and specify the allowed domains, follow these steps:

  1. Set the enabled field to true in the request body.
  2. Specify the domains you want to allow access to in the domains array.

For example, if you want to restrict the delivery of your content to only two domains: and You can enable the domain control feature and specify these domains in the request body like this:


Enabling domain control and specifying the authorized domains in BlendVision One ensures that your content is exclusively delivered to the specified domains. This feature grants you greater control over where your content is displayed, minimizing the risk of unauthorized distribution and piracy. By leveraging domain control, you can protect your valuable content and ensure it reaches the intended audience securely and without compromise.