Content Management

Manage Metadata

Metadata is additional information that can be provided for a video, enabling classification, organization, and search based on various properties.

About Metadata

Short description

The short_description field is a string that offers a concise video summary. It should be limited to 100 characters, including letters, numbers, spaces, punctuation, and special symbols. This field is commonly used to provide a quick overview of the video.

Long description

The long_description field is a string that provides a more detailed video description. It should not exceed 200 characters, including letters, numbers, spaces, punctuation, and special symbols. This field can be utilized to provide additional context, background information, or other relevant details.


The labels field is an array of objects offering supplementary video metadata. Each label object contains a name field, a string specifying the label's name. Labels serve to categorize and organize videos based on their properties, aiding in search and filtering operations. The maximum length of each label is 20 characters, and a maximum of 20 labels can be assigned to a video.


Here is an example of using a table to present the metadata:

Field Type Description Limitations
short_description string A brief summary of the video (not exceeding 100 characters) Max 100 characters (including spaces and symbols)
long_description string A more detailed description of the video Max 200 characters (including spaces and symbols)
labels array Supplementary metadata objects for categorization Max 20 labels, 20 characters per label

By utilizing metadata effectively, VOD platforms can enhance the discoverability and organization of their content, improving the overall user experience.

Updating metadata

To edit the metadata of a specific video, you can utilize the following API:

PUT /bv/cms/v1/vods/{id}

You must provide the id parameter to specify the video you want to update. You should include the metadata object containing the modified properties along with the request.

Here's an example of the request payload:

  "short_description":"Updated short description",
  "long_description":"Updated long description",
      "name":"Updated label 1"
      "name":"Updated label 2"