Smart Adaptive Bitrate (SmartABR) Introduction

What is Smart Adaptive Bitrate (SmartABR)

SmartABR (Smart Adaptive Bitrate) is a video streaming technology that uses adaptive bitrate (ABR) streaming to optimize the delivery of video content to users based on their network conditions and device capabilities.

ABR streaming is a technique where the video is divided into multiple segments of varying quality and bitrates. As the video plays, the player selects the appropriate segment based on the available network bandwidth and the device's capabilities, to ensure smooth playback without buffering or interruptions.

SmartABR takes ABR streaming one step further by generating multiple ladders of the manifest for each content, allowing you to decide which ladder to use based on the user's viewing device and scenario at that moment. This means that the system can dynamically adjust the range of resolution bitrate to deliver the appropriate viewing experience and save CDN traffic at the same time.

How to enable SmartABR for your VOD content

To enable the SmartABR feature, please follow the steps below:

1. Create a custom VOD ProfileSet which enables the SmartABR option.

2. Select the SmartABR-enabled VOD ProfileSet when creating your VOD.

  • Please refer to Add a VOD for further information on how to set your ProfileSet when creating VOD content.